Scratch & Bike

Standard fixation system

100,00 €Including VAT
83,33 €Excluding VAT

Color is applied to the pedal and the metal plate. Straps are not affected.

Origine FranceDesigned and manufactured in France


This standard fixation system allows all people with movement disorders in lower extremities to practice bike safely and with complete autonomy. 

System completely sealed.


Two replaceable magnets are sold with this system :

  • 99,2 Ib
  • 127,8 Ib
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Packaging's composition

  • Foot module
  • Pedal module
  • Carry bag
  • Magnet 99,2 Ib and 127,8 Ib




The attraction between the metallic part set under the foot and the magnetic part set on the pedal keeps the foot optimally during the pedaling.



It is easy to find the foot's direction on the pedal and it allows to pedal in an effective position for the user. A simple lateral movement of the foot turns off the atractivness between the foot and the pedal.



A counterweight set under the module pedal's scratch constantly keeps the magnet on the pedal's top part. The selected materials prevent the module set on the pedal from sliding and promote the stall between the metallic plate and the magnet.

Universal system

Universal system

This universal system, easy to instal and to use allows to pedal with all kind of bikes commercially available in many situations (road, self-service bike hire and so on) without wearing specific shoes and without undoing the already existing pedal.

The user can walk by keeping the metallic part set under the foot.