Equip your fitness centre
Bikes and treadmill
Aquacycle Elliptical trainer Cardio training
Measured datas continually.

Fitness and Cardio

The intuitive connected pedal is a tool that the fitness center can make available to its members in order to :

  • Measure the performances
  • Prevent the cardiovascular disorders
  • Promote weight loss
  • Prevent musculoskeletal disorders as well as the lateral imbalances

The aim was to direct the users toward specific programmes according to their motivations and work goals.

The connected system is used for

  • Aquacycle Water cycle
  • Aquatraining *Aquatic treadmill
  • Cardio training Bike and treadmill

* As for the elliptical trainer practice, the foot module is necessary only

The aquatic use allows to quantify the user’s datas during a physical effort, which was not possible so far.

As for the group lessons, all the users equipped with this connected system will have their measured datas continually and will have to take a look at these datas during and after the physical effort.

A great number of simultaneous uses does not disturb the signal transmission between the connected system and the mobile device.

The connexion between the present sensor on the foot module and the mobile device outside of the pool receiving the informations is effectively, continually and simply done.